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Visit http://www.odia.org . Follow the books link. All Odia (Oriya) Books are there.
I am in UK. For the past 7 years i was doing manabasa gurubara when i used to recite the lakshmi purana. my stay here got extended and i wanted to download the purana for use from this Thursday onwards. But unfortunately the book could not be downloaded/ viewed.
Please advise whether there is any other site for the purana.
Thank you
The actual link is http://www.odia.org/books/LaxmiPurana.pdf

It is a big PDF (2,5 to 3MB) file and will take a while to download.

Priyadarsini Kar

I actually downloaded the pdf file. I think the adobe acrobat was not upgraded in my computer which was not allowing me to download the pdf file. I upgraded acrobat. Eventually downloaded Lakshmi Purana. Thanks for the valuable info.

I could download the Lakshmi Puran . Is there a way to translate this document into English?



Dear Shilpa,
We wish to inform that Lakshmi Purana is now available, both in original Oriya and in English translation, on the 'Oriya Festivals' page of Oriya Nari at:



Oriya Nari Team
hey OriyaNari team,
I  am from Australia and cannot read or write Oriya although my mothertongue is Oriya.Can you  all publish or send a link to the Lakshmi puran in English.I did come across the English translation of the entire puran,but I am also looking for a page to read the entire Oriya puran  script in English.It would be nice if you could do that.
Thank you.

Oriya Nari Team
We have received many similar requests to publish the entire Lakshmi Purana in English script (i.e, Roman script). But we wonder what purpose would it serve. 

We understand that these requests have come from those among our sisters who don't know Oriya language or script. It is obvious that the transliteration ( i.e, writing of the original Oriya text in English alphabets) is required by them so that they can recite the Lakshmi Purana on the occasion of Manabasa Puja. But we think it is not proper to read something by following a different script especially if you don't know the meaning of what you are reading.

Besides, Lakshmi Purana is not a small piece; it consists of about 32 pages of text. Isn't it better to read out the English translation, instead? It would make one follow the great story of Maha Lakshmi with all its morals and significance. The English translation along with original Oriya text is available for downloading at http://oriyanari.com/id4.html 

Thank you.

Oriya Nari Team
Where can i download lakshmi purana song sung by some of the oriya singers
Sasmita sahu
Congratulations for the great work which you guys are doing. I would appreciate if puja vidhan for all the pujas listed in the oriya calender are uploaded. Lakshmi puran and other kathas are available in both oriya and english versions. However, it would be great if the oriya version is available in english transcript , for someone like me who speaks oriya but cannot read it.
Dear Oriya Nari Team,

As Sasmita's and many of our Oriya Bhauni's requests you must have noted that there are huge no. of Oriya ladies who can speak and understand oriya very well but cannot read and write. So we would be really very thankful to you all for the request been fulfilled. We have high hopes in you for the compliance on this request ...


Oriya Nari Team
We have received several requests again for publishing the original Oriya text of Lakshmi Purana in English script. But we still wonder if it would serve any useful purpose.

Here is an example of what you exactly want us to write:

Dineka Narada Parashara muni dui,
Bhrami bhrami eka grame prabeshile jai,
Sehi dina Margashira masa Gurubara,
Parba padi thila sarba pura basinkara.
This way the entire Oriya text of about 32 pages is requested to be written in English script.

But what we have already done is that we have published an abridged English Translation of the Oriya Lakshmi Purana. Here's an excerpt of what has already been published (a translation of the Oriya verse mentioned above) :

One day, sages Narada and Parashara, in the course of their travel, entered a village.  It was Thursday in the month of Margashira and the village folk were celebrating the holy occasion, worshipping Lakshmi.


Now, out of these two examples, which one is more sensible to read on the part of our sisters who don't know Oriya? Wouldn't it be difficult and troublesome to read 32 pages of Oriya verse transcripted in English? Isn't it better, in such a case, to read the English translation itself of the book?


Please send your feedback. If some of you still want the original Oriya verse to be written in English script, we will do it. 


Oriya Nari Team


Dear Oriya Nari Team,

Jeun mane oriya kahi paruchhanti ebom bujhi paruchhanti semananka pain (but who can't read & write oriya) Laxmi Purana translation only story janiba pain. Mo matare "oriya text of Laxmi Purana in english script" madhya bujhi paribe.(ofcourse a few words are difficult). So pooja pain  translation nuhen, english script hi jaruri. 

Sunita Sahu
Hi all

I agree with Kanya, Sasmita and Aashi. I can speak and understand oriya but I cannot read or write it. But if you read the transliterated version of Oriya purana , the feeling is of reading the actual oriya version. however this feeling is missing in English version . It would be gr8 if Oriya Nari team can give us the transliterated version of the purana . It would be very helpful for people like me.
Looking forward to the positive responce
Oriya Nari Team
Well, as desired by you, we have started the work on writing the entire Lakshmi Purana in English script. The transliteration goes like this:

Namaste Namaste maa go sagara dulani
Namaste namaste Lakshmi Bishnunka gharani.
Namaste Kamala maa go ati dayabati
Sthabara jangama keeta aadi palu niti.
Tora daya bale maa go daridra janara
Huai achala bitta jinai Kubera.
Tora drohi jane maa go anna na milai
Jete arajile kebhen peta na purai.
Tohara charita mana dei je sunai
Ki aba bhakati bhabe sarbada gunai.
Tahara daridra pana jae dura hoi
sarbada prasanna taku heu mahamayee.
Enu to charane maa go asesha pranama
Karuchhi puraa baare mora manaskama.
To charita kinchite karibi rachana
Jagata janani baare dia dibya gyana.
Dineka Narada Parashara muni dui
Bhrami bhrami eka grame prabeshile jai.
Sehi dina Margashira masa Gurubara
Parba padi thila sarba pura basinkara .......

It may take a few weeks. We will provide a link for downloading it in this thread itself after it is completed. In the meanwhile, please tell us if you consider the way Oriya text is written above to be OK. 

Oriya Nari Team
Sunita Sahu
Hats off to Oriya Nari team....

The oriya text written by English script is fine. One can read the text as if reading the oriya Purana.

For the first time I can read the purana after 4 lines...
I am eagerly waiting for the complete text .

Dear Oriya Nari Team,

This is really awesome and unbelievable. Am now proud that i would be able to read the whole "Laxmi Purana" in oriya on my own. You people are really doing great job, tamanku bahut bahut dhanyabad, very greatful we are to have such a great team behind us ( oriya women ). Hope this year ladies like me, not knowing to read and write oriya can really be able to read the whole purana on the completion of your job on the transliteration.

Many many thanks to you all involved in this job. Hats off to " ORIYA NARI TEAM " This website is very helpful and bahut nijara laguchi jouthe ame amara bhabana, problems kahi paruchanti abom get very good and genuine advice.

Oriya nari Team
Hi all,

Glad to inform that the transliteration of 'Laxmi Purana' (Odia verse in English script) is now available for downloading at the 'Oriya Festivals' page of our site at: 

The downloading may also be done directly, by clicking on the following link:


Thank you.

Oriya Nari Team
sunita sahu
Dear Oriya Nari team

Thank you very much for your efforts......

I am at loss of words how to thank you for taking pains for transliteration of 'Laxmi Purana' . Now i and others who cant read oriya can recite Laxmi Purana in oriya during puja.

Feels good to have someone out there who understand your needs and help you out.

Keep up the good work..........

Sunita Sahu

Kabita Panigrahi
Registered: Nov 16, 2010
Posts: 131
Dear Oriya Nari Team,

Thanks to you all. For me this is a sweet dream come true and sure that thousands of ladies will be grateful to you.

Thanks thanks thanks ...

Super Moderators
Registered: Nov 15, 2010
Posts: 360
We have received a message from one of the visitors of this site seeking to know if the Odia Lakshmi Purana song is available for free downloading.

We are trying to make the audio of 'Lakshmi Purana' available on our site. 

Oriya Nari Team

Sunita Sahu
Registered: Nov 17, 2010
Posts: 150
Dear ONT

Any updates on this regard?????

I am keen to listen to these but I am not able to find any sites which allow free download..Please update us on this matter...


sanchita das
Registered: Dec 16, 2010
Posts: 27
We are still awaiting the link for the song of manabasa gurubar katha. 

Super Moderators
Registered: Nov 15, 2010
Posts: 360
We are glad to inform that now you can listen to the song of 'Lakshmi Purana', by clicking a link available on the 'Odia Festivals' page of our site.

You may visit our 'Odia Festvals' page at http://www.oriyanari.com/id4.html

You should click on the Maha Lakshmi's picture (similar to the one mentioned below) available there to play the song. You may also download and save the same.

We hope, this fulfills a long felt need of the visitors of our site. 


Oriya Nari Team


sanchita das
Registered: Dec 16, 2010
Posts: 27
Thanks ONT for the audio of Laxmi Puran.
hi to all

i loved this website so much.my sis-in-law cant read oriya.so i suggested her this .now i hope she will be able to read specially Laxmi Purana happily.

thanks to the team
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