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Famous oriya proverbs ku Mu janiba ku icha karuchi. Please give the proverb with the meaning.

Let me try a few proverbs at random and see if I remember them properly.

1. Tuchhaku ete, mudi naahin goda kachadu kete?  (There's no toe-ring on your toes, still why do you stamp your foot on the earth to invite others' attention?)  Why do you make so much of fuss to show off when you haven't acually got anything to show?

2. Tulasi dui patra ru baase. (One can sense the fragrance of Tulsi even when the first two tender leaves appear on the tiny plant at the beginning.)  True talent and merit of a person can be sensed even at the very early stage of childhood. 

3. Barsha Jeun ade, chhata sehi ade. (Turning the direction of the umbrella to save oneself, as the direction of falling rains goes on changing from time to time due to heavy winds.) . It's a selfish move - to change your stand and principles frequently to suit the changing times and derive benefit out of it.

4. Thakura ghare kie? Na mu kadali khai nahin. (A little boy secretly enters the temple at midnight to eat the banana prasad kept before the god. He manages to eat the bananas. At this point of time when the priest sleeping nearby hears some sound, wakes up and shouts: "Who's there?"  To this the boy in his hiding foolishly comes out with an instant reply: "No sir, I haven't eaten the bananas", and thus gets caught. The priest had just asked who was there, and he neither knew nor had asked who ate the bananas. But the boy impulsively admitted the crime on his own.) The guilty person foolishly and impulsively admits his own crime without even being asked and thus gets caught.

This much for today.

Thank you.

Ashima padhi

'mote jete marile matha mu sei darapoda katha'(u do whatever u can i won't change myself)


bojha upare nalita bida (Extra burden when there are already so much)

Hmmmmmmmm Oriya Proverb

Aachha kahibaa, kaahinki na kahibaaaaaaa
Jetebele aapana pachharuchhanti aame kemiti na kahi rahi paribu .....

1) Chaali na jaani baatara dosa. (Don't blame others when you don't know how to work)
2) Bhokilaa Kukura kaamude naahin (Barking dog seldom bites)
3) Gaan Kania Singani naki (Own belongings are not good even though u have better than others)
4) Gaan Parimala dhoba tutharu ()
5) Daase aaile mularu gaa (Start again from begining when new guest arrives- specially in case of any narration or presentation or story telling)
6) Phampaa mathiyara sabda besi (Empty vessel sounds much).
7) Bichhaa mantra na jaani saap gaatare haata deba (Don't rush into doing something until you know how to do it.)
8) Jaahaaku rakhibe ananta ki karipaare bala banta (Our destiny depends on God's will / Man proposes, God disposes)
9) Teeni tundare chheli kukura (majority wins)
10) Jeera ru seera bahara karibaa (Doing unnecessary jobs.)

Haau aaji paain etiki Thaau.

Baaki pachhare padhibaaaaaaa

Hela. Rahili

Snigdha Mishra
Couple more I heard frequently while growing up

Maain nuhe ki Gaai nuhe -- (paraphrasing) neither fish nor fowl.

Nedi guda kohinu ku bohi gala -- (paraphrasing) it is too late to do something now.

1.Sapa bi mariba au lathi bi bhangibani(The work will be done without other's knowledge/benifit from both the side)
2.Teli mundare tela()
3.Pura ramayana sarila.pacharuchi kana na sita mai ki andira(did not understand anything after listning the whole story)

"bhasi jauthilu majhi naire gotei anili tate,
thakara galare maunsa lagila jababa dauchhu mate?"

1.Ajaga ghaa dekhi hue nahi ki dekhei hue nai.
2.ja puaku sapa kamude se pala daudi ku dekhi dare
3. Bilei kapalaku sika chindila.
4.Ei kathaku na peli deli kalikataku.
5.aji thu ede paani padile tu habu kade?
 MAY be bahut aji pain.

ok thanks




Now I'm back with another:

Mankada hatare saligram - When I mention this proverb to my non-odia friends they get amused. Because I think they don't have an equivalent proverb in other languages. 
I would like to mention 3 proverbs that mean almost the same:

1. Dura parbata sundar.

2. Gaan kania singhani naaki.

3. Ganga nikate jete jane - ati parache apamane.

The sense of all these three can be summed up with this English proverb:

"The grass is always greener on the other side".

This is a good site for every Oriya.

 hi all

         basically we use all these proverbs. i heard smthng from my grandmother, "LUGA NA CHANDRAMUKHI, JIE PINDHILA SIE SUKHI." i found it very rare nd funny.

Samaste ta sabu lekhi sarileni..Tathapi mu lekhuchi.

1.Osada raaga re tatia  kamudiaba.
2.Ghusuri ku pachila kadali suhaye.
3.Jhintika maari bani poshiba.
4.Telia munda re tela.
5.Denga munda re thenga.
Very nice inputs.
Can someone compile all of them and give meanings + context? Some have this and some dont.
This is not exactly a proverb it is story about two SAUTUNI which my grand mother used to tell us which I never heard from anyone so far, so I just wanted to share this with you all.

One mosquito has 2 wives. He has to shuttle between his 2 wives. One day 1st wife told her SAUTUNI that, "DHANA (sweetly called husband as DHANA) JAICHHANTI BINA BAJAI, MO PAIN ANIBE RAKATA BOHI". Sautuni felt very jealous and immediately replied her back.."CHAT CHAPADA JEUTHI, DHANA DANTA NIKUTIBE SEITHI"...
one more from my Aai's (grand mother) famous dialogues,

andha pain bohile dasa jana nikima

literal meaning : when a blind man has to carry water he has to take help of 10 other people. Its better 1 person can carry that water.

My Aai uses it, when somebody else enters her kitchen do something and eventually asks her 100 questions, regarding where is this, where is that. She says its better, "I go & do it rather giving answers to 100 questions".

some more i remembered ;

1. chora mana ganthili re
2. godara kode jete made sete
3. kata ghaa re chuna deba
4. godarilo nija godaku ana
5. chaluni kahuchi chhunchi ku to dehare gote kana
6. mularu maipa nahin, pua na gopalia
7. hate mapi chakhande chaliba
8. bapa eiade gaba gachha, pua kahuchi mate chhai hauchi
9. jaha mana jede, ta prabhu sede
10. mana nirmal thile, gadia bi ganga

its hard to translate literally all of them, try to ask somebody in ur home (for them, who are not understanding) !!

"AKALE GAUDA PATHARA BOHILA" means when you accept something in your old age..I heard this in the context when an orthodox brahmin family accepted a very low caste bohu where the head of the family (F-in-law) never had food cooked by any other caste in his life time.

Pls find a comprehensive book on Oriya proverbs.. Hope this will be of help.

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zip 03.zip (981.03 KB, 286 views)
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zip 05.zip (199.29 KB, 239 views)

soumya priyadarsini

the book you posted has a good collection of proverbs......but i find that opening the zip files is a long and tedious process.

I have one more. Am however not sure if we can call it a proverb.

Bhoke odia nidra Jaae.
(An Oriya person, rather prefers to sleep when hungry, instead of working hard to earn something.)

I have read it in some oriya magazines.
Yes Anasuya, it's a very unfortunate thing . But I don't think it is true anymore.That's the reason why  all of us are here in this group to make odias motivated and work hard.
Gone are those days Bhoke odia nidra Jaae.( May be I am not not 100% sure but with all of our efforts I am sure we can remove this concept from everyone's mind  soon).

Cheers Ladies...


       Ei proverb ti sunibaku bhala laguchi but oriya lokanka pain lajjyakara.

Mrs Kanyakumari Behera
Registered: Nov 22, 2010
Posts: 282
Chhadakhai ru gote proverb manepadila,ama sasu sabubele kahanti
       "thile chhadakhai,nathile kartikamasa"

Registered: Nov 16, 2010
Posts: 89
Recently, I heard this proverb...which is not in that book.

Dukhi agare dukha kahile dukha adha jai
Sukhi agare dukha kahile muruki hasa pai.

Mrs Kanyakumari Behera
Registered: Nov 22, 2010
Posts: 282
   proverb ra tume bhala explain kari paruchha.Tuma sabu proverb re explain saha lekha achhi.
1)Tuchhaku ette,mudi nahin goda kachadu kete.

2)pls hasna mat.......aalo muturi soiba,tu ta muturi mun ta muturi hensha kahinpain dhoiba.


Mrs Kanyakumari Behera
Registered: Nov 22, 2010
Posts: 282
Bujha nabujha padhiba "Geeta"
Ruchu naruchu khaiba pita.


Sunita Sahu
Registered: Nov 17, 2010
Posts: 150
well said kanya di


Mrs Kanyakumari Behera
Registered: Nov 22, 2010
Posts: 282
ok thanku s...u...
Bassiba thu kassiba bhala
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